Iron Man update

We still have a long time to wait until IRON MAN blasts our collective faces with repulsor rays, but director Jon Favreau is keeping fans up to speed over at the flick's official MySpace site.

The movie is currently in post-production, and Favs drops some knowledge, apologizing for the lack of teaser before TRANSFORMERS but promising to have something cool for the movie's Comic Con panel, which they'll share with THE INCREDIBLE HULK. He also talks a bit about the movie's villain, and claims that the seeds for a sequel are already in play, and that they've already thought down the line for the next possible IRON MAN movies.

Favreau also addresses recent rumors about cameo appearances from himself, Hilary Swank and Sam Jackson (purportedly as SHIELD honcho Nick Fury, a role he already "played" on the printed page as the character in THE ULTIMATES comic). Favreau says there's "no truth" to any of them, but then devilishly takes that back and says "maybe one". Read the whole post RIGHT HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Before SWINGERS, Favreau was probably best known as beer-seeking frat boy Gutter in PCU.



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