Is Atari's Missile Command coming to theaters?

Adapting video games with depth and detailed storylines to film hasn't worked out so well so why not go back to basics and adapt something a little more simplistic? Like really simplistic. Turns out Fox, who has tried (and failed) in the past to create decent video game movies with HITMAN and MAX PAYNE, is looking to bring one of Atari's biggest hits, MISSILE COMMAND, to the big screen. They're currently in talks with Atari for the feature film rights to the game about a command center protecting a variety of cities from incoming missiles (and later in the series, UFOs).

There's obviously a lot of writing to be done before they can get a game like MISSILE COMMAND to the big screen but if they can make a BATTLESHIP movie, they can certainly do this. The only real details about what's happening on screen came in the game's instruction manual that described a war between two planets: Zardon (who you're playing as) and Krytol (who's attacking you). I'm gonna guess that this is going to be adapted so that the defending planet is Earth but I could be wrong. So far the only that's known about the project is that Atari and Fox are looking to bring the film to theaters in 3D. Of course they are.

Extra Tidbit: MISSILE COMMAND's end sequence is seen at the end of FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH.
Source: Fox



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