Is Chris Nolan already looking for his female lead for Batman 3?

So far, filmmaker Christopher Nolan's third BATMAN movie is filled with question marks (maybe literally).

We know he's directing from a script by himself and bro Jonah, and that we'll almost definitely see several principals returning -- Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman. Recently added to the mix is Nolan's INCEPTION actor Tom Hardy as... whoever he's playing.

Now Moviehole says things are rolling along, with Nolan and the producers secretively meeting with possible female leads to play an undisclosed character -- even the actresses don't know who it is until they step in the room. Moviehole does say that Nolan is "open to casting a fresh face as the female lead", so it could be anybody's role to win.

And now the fun part: speculation! Will this lady be the expected Selina Kyle/Catwoman? Or a villainess seeking vengeance, like Harley Quinn or Ra's Al Ghul's daughter Talia? Plant manipulator Poison Ivy? How about the ghost of Maggie GyllenHolmes? Or some original love interest for the Grumbler in the Tumbler?

It will probably be a while before we know, since the site says the project is wrapped up tighter than Michelle Pfeiffer's purring mischief-maker. The THE DARK KNIGHT follow-up (no small feat, that) will likely arrive in theaters Summer 2012.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if Mayor Mascara is coming back too?
Source: Moviehole.net



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