Is David Yates attached to direct Bill Willingham's graphic novel series Fables?

David Yates's ears have got to be burning right about now. The director, probably best known for helming the last two HARRY POTTERs (not to mention the next two), was last being talked up as one of the lead candidates to direct THE HOBBIT. My guess was that the suits at Warner Bros. must really like the dude.

Seems like I might not be far off the mark with that, as website Pajiba is saying that they've heard rumors that Yates is now up to direct FABLES for Warner Bros., based on Bill Willingham's graphic novel series that began back in 2002.

Here's Pajiba: "...we've been given fairly convincing evidence to definitively suggest that David Yates is, at least, in the mix and that a Fables movie is, at the very least, in the early stages of development, so it's not a rumor that should be quickly dismissed."

The website also says that Yates's reps have denied the rumored attachment to THE HOBBIT, which indicates that the director could very well be free to take over this project. FABLES was also apparently set up at ABC to be made into a television mini-series, but if it's true that WB is moving forward on development of a film adaptation, then the TV project is likely now kaput.

Here's a little bit about FABLES from one of our old "Comix-to-Flix" columns (which you can read in its entirety RIGHT HERE): The Eisner Award winning “Fables” tells the story of an investigation into the murder/disappearance of Snow White’s sister, Rose Red. Throughout the investigation we are introduced to many other “fabled” characters such as the Big Bad Wolf, Beauty and the Beast and Prince Charming.
Extra Tidbit: We're getting a lot of re-imagined fairy tales now, huh?
Source: Pajiba



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