Is Jamie Bell our new Spider-Man?


So according to "repeated reports" received by comic book news website Bleeding Cool, Sony has apparently found their new Webslinger in 24-year-old Brit actor Jamie Bell (TINTIN, KING KONG, BILLY ELLIOT). Sony is staying mum about it, however.

Bleeding Cool has reportedly tried to confirm the news with the studio, but Sony has given them the cold shoulder. Movie blog Cinematical however got a very firm "No comment" from them. And of course, since that isn't a denial of the story...

A couple of weeks ago, Bell's name was one of among a handful of Spidey candidates that were said to be in the final running. And, it seemed, it would most likely boil down to the slightly more well-known duo of the bunch... Bell and Josh Hutcherson (RED DAWN, JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, ZATHURA).

Now that websites everywhere are reporting on Bell, expect to hear something concrete from either Sony or the "respectable" Hollywood trades very soon. Until then, though... yay or nay to this bit of news?
Extra Tidbit: If true, Jamie Bell's gonna get BIG should both SPIDER-MAN and TINTIN become real successes.



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