Is Joaquin Phoenix taking over for Ed Norton as The Hulk?

I'm sure by now you've read all about the somewhat shocking tiff between Marvel Studios and Edward Norton that resulted in the latter being dropped from THE AVENGERS. While it all went public over the weekend, most of the drama played out last week and it seems that in the time since, Marvel has already come up with a few solid candidates. Leading the pack would be someone I don't think I ever saw coming.

CHUD is reporting that Marvel has an offer out to Joaquin Phoenix to star as Bruce Banner in THE AVENGERS. There's no word yet on whether Phoenix would accept this offer but if he'd at all like to get that strange mockumentary, retiring from acting, scraggly beard, terrible rapping stage behind him, I'd sign that contract in blood. It'd be a fantastic move for Phoenix who, after a pretty solid post-GLADIATOR career, went off the rails for a few years (whether his behavior was a stunt or not remains to be seen, I suppose).

But just because it's a good career move for Phoenix, does it mean it's a good move for the film? Frankly I thought Norton made a great Banner and it's a shame Marvel can't put aside their differences for the film. But I don't know that I see Phoenix as Bruce Banner. And if their idea is to later *again* reboot The Hulk with another feature film, I like the move even less.

The trouble seems to be that Marvel would really like to have the entire AVENGERS cast on hand at Comic-Con (Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth would already be there and they want to bring out Robert Downey, Jr., Scarlett Johannson and Samuel L. Jackson as well). This was supposed to be a big surprise but all these casting arguments have let the cat out of the bag. While it'd be nice to have the AVENGERS cast at Comic-Con, it'd also be nice to have a cast the Hall H-ers are excited about. Take your time Marvel...

Extra Tidbit: Somewhat strange that Marvel parted ways with Norton because he was a tough guy to work with. By all accounts, Phoenix isn't exactly a dream...
Source: CHUD



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