Is JoBlo.com the best movie site on the Net? Vote now!

The "best" is pretty subjective. What is one person's ceiling, as the saying goes, is another person's floor. But I think we, as JoBlo.com readers, can agree on the fact that this site is the THE BEST. And now's your chance to share that glorious info with the rest of the world!

Movie magazine Total Film is hosting the 2010 Blog Awards on their site and JoBlo.com has been nominated as Best News Blog. Yeah, we don't really consider ourselves much of a blog but I glossed over that part and just started drooling at the word "best." So if you're in the mind that JoBlo.com really IS the Best Movie News "Blog" on the web, then all you have to do is vote for us below. It's like that old lottery commercial; all you need is a dollar and a dream, and for this you don't even need a dollar. Thanks in advance to everyone who will or has voted for us!

Extra Tidbit: All this talk of "the best" now has this song stuck in my head.
Source: Total Film



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