Is Keanu Reeves serious about a Bill and Ted sequel?

I'm not exactly sure how amidst all the chaos and interviews of the Oscar red carpet last night, only one real bit of movie news was made, and I'm still not convinced it isn’t a joke.

Dodging questions about his geometrically implausible beard, Keanu Reeves spoke to MTV about a possible upcoming project.

MTV: “Let’s greenlight the Bill and Ted sequel right now.”

Reeves: “We’re trying”

MTV: “Really!?”

Reeves: “Sure”

MTV: “I can’t tell if you're joking or not.”

Reeves: “I’m not.”

There you have it folks, Keanu Reeves is not joking about a BILL AND TED sequel. I buy it, I mean come on, with every ‘80s franchise on earth coming back to life, is it that far-fetched to imagine another BILL AND TED movie is in the works? I mean, what the hell is Alex Winter (and Keanu Reeves for that matter) doing these days anyway?

Watch Keanu say it himself below, and see if you can read his face for seriousness.

Extra Tidbit: Let's hear some possible titles.
Source: MTV



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