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Is Marvel finally getting a move on Doctor Strange?


You've been hearing for awhile now that a DOCTOR STRANGE film was on the horizon. The only thing they failed to leave out was when.

Does the latest news on the project fill in the answer to the question? Nope. has it on good authority that writers Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (CONAN: THE BARBARIAN, SAHARA) has turned in their script and Marvel is now ready to get this magical show on the road.

They also add that Marvel has a short list of directors who they have sent the script out to in order to "oversee continued development". Take that however you want. Twitch had no other details on which to elaborate.

Back in April, Patrick Dempsey was lobbying for the role of sorcerer, Stephen Strange. I was underwhelmed. Regardless, I'll be glad when they do get a move on this. Until then, I'll just re-read Brian K. Vaughn's take on Doctor Strange.

Source: Twitch



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