Is the adaptation of Y: The Last Man finally really moving forward?

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Speaking of adaptations of famed material that have been kicking around for a long bloody time, Brian K. Vaughn's Y: THE LAST MAN has fought any and all attempt at cinematic existence ever since people first started trying to adapt it in 2002.  Louis Leterrier (THE INCREDIBLE HULK, CLASH OF THE TITANS) was attached to direct at one point, as well as D.J. Caruso (EAGLE EYE, I AM NUMBER FOUR) with Shia LaBeouf set to star in "the story of a guy and his pet monkey — the only survivors of the apparent simultaneous death-by-plague of every male mammal on Earth."

But now, after a decade of kicking around in various stages of development, Y: THE LAST MAN may have received a shot in the arm from scribes Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia ("Jericho").  The draft they were commissioned to write has, as a matter of fact, pleased New Line Cinema so much so that Y: THE LAST MAN is "now one of New Line's first priorities" and the studio has already started meeting with directors to talk about tackling the adaptation.

More as we hear it!

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P.S. If you missed it the first time 'round, check out the excellent fan-made adaptation that we ran for Cool Videos back in July right here!

Extra Tidbit: Who would you want to direct Y: THE LAST MAN? Even if you don't know the comic property, what's a director you think could do something interesting with this material and deserves the opportunity to do so?
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