Is the Gears of War movie stuck in development hell?

Back in 2008, Len Wiseman signed on to direct a live-action adaptation of the popular videogame GEARS OF WAR. The highly anticipated game sequel was due later that year and interest in the franchise was at its peak. But two years later, Wiseman and New Line still haven't come close to cracking the adaptation. Wiseman, while still technically attached to the film, has moved on to NOCTURNE, another thriller he's developing and likely would not "be a part of [the film] when all is said in done," according to the LA Times.

So who is New Line bringing in to replace Wiseman? Slow down, tiger. You're assuming the studio is still moving full steam ahead on the project. They've slashed the budget from a proposed $100 million to something far more modest and have scaled back the epic feel of the original script by Chris Morgan (WANTED) for something more straight-forward and simple. (While this wasn't spelled out, I'm guessing they saw DISTRICT 9 and thought, "Hey we can do that!")

Meanwhile the budget isn't the only thing being scaled back. The LA Times' sources said any work on the film has "really slowed down" and they have yet to even find a writer or director to work on their new vision for the film.

As GEARS OF WAR sinks deeper and deeper into development hell, I can only hope it'll say hello to friends HALO and BIOSHOCK, other classic games of the 2000s that were unable to get their movies off the ground.

Extra Tidbit: "Gears of War 2" sold over 2 million copies its first week of release.
Source: LA Times



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