Is the Green Lantern's suit one big computer effect?

All the would-be paparazzi hanging out in Louisiana trying to get a shot of Ryan Reynolds in his GREEN LANTERN costume are going to be sorely disappointed. Slashfilm is reporting that Reynolds will never actually wear the Green Lantern costume and that the duds will actually be CG. The pic you see to the right isn't of Reynolds or anyone on the GREEN LANTERN set but rather Billy Crudup filming WATCHMEN. This is basically what Reynolds is acting in when he's Green Lantern (minus the facial markings and head cap).

Apparently Martin Campbell asked costume designer Ngila Dickson to come up with something radically different than the spandexed, fish-scaled superhero costumes we so often see in movies. What she came up with was so radically different it could only be created in a computer. Campbell reportedly wants the alien suit to look alive so to speak and the CG effects will allow them to do that.

Without knowing how the suit will look, I have to say it's a pretty clever way to go about the design. The actor isn't constrained by wearing this big ole rubber suit (though I suppose he is constrained by wearing a suit with little LED lights all over it) and it allows them to tweak the look in post-production. But how will it look when they put it all together? Will it look natural? I guess we'll have to wait for the first trailer to find out...

Extra Tidbit: We've come a long way since cloth costumes with a zipper up the back.
Source: Slashfilm



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