Is the new Dune adaptation running out of time?

The new DUNE adaptation is a project that just can't seem to get up off the ground.

It also has a bit of a time limit according to Deadline. There were rumors recently that Paramount would be scrapping the project after four years of development. Well the studio is denying any such rumors, but note that if there is no production date set by next spring they will be axing the film. This due to the fact that the rights holders are not willing to grant another extension.

Producers Kevin Misher and Richard P. Rubinstein are apparently taking a new draft of the script from Chase Palmer (NUMBER 13) and shopping it to potential directors. The price on making the film is a rather hefty $100 million to adapt. If everything falls through they will lose the money that they invested in it thus far.

Peter Berg was once attached to the project until BATTLESHIP came along. Pierre Morel (TAKEN) helped Palmer with the script at one point but stepped off. They say that Morel is executive producing through Rubenstein and they also fancy him as the ideal director for the adaptation. Rubenstein drove the situation home by saying, “We don’t want to extend an option and watch the studio take seven years,” he said. “This is on a short tether. It's a major book franchise, you can’t walk into a store and not see a shelf full of Dune books.”

Ultimately the studio remains cautious mainly because of David Lynch adaptation which didn't go so well. But will they be able to get a dedicated director before time runs out?

Extra Tidbit: I've heard that David Lynch pretty much disowns his DUNE adaptation.
Source: Deadline



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