Is the RoboCop reboot officially kaput?

Late last week, the Financial Times ran a piece on the money woes over at MGM, how that's systemically been killing its key franchises, and who exactly is to blame. In that same article, a scant bit of info regarding the Darren Aronofsky (BLACK SWAN, THE WRESTLER) reboot of ROBOCOP is divulged, stating simply that the Brooklyn-born director has left the project.

Now, film website Moviehole is claiming that while at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, they got word from a person that works at MGM confirming the reboot's death. Here's Moviehole:

"Gone. Kaput. Canceled. It was one of the first casualties", my Metro-Goldwyn Buddy said. "[Darren] has lost interest anyway, I believe. Think we're all just going to have to be happy with the three RoboCop movies that are out there."

Last we heard of the reboot nobody really wants was earlier this year, when our twisted brothers at Arrow in the Head reported that the film was being put on hold due to supposed disagreements between Aronofsky and MGM over whether it should be in 3D or not. That rumor was never substantiated over the months and to me it always felt like a flimsy reason to put a film on hold. This latest rumor however, considering the situations with THE HOBBIT and 007, seems much more plausible.
Extra Tidbit: Moviehole's report also states that MGM wanted to go ahead with another ROCKY movie, "though not necessarily with Sylvester Stallone". WTF's the point of that?
Source: Moviehole



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