Is the Super 8 viral campaign teasing a new trailer with Battle: Los Angeles?

Back in January, when JJ Abrams was promoting his upcoming television projects, he was asked when we would see a new trailer for his next theatrical project, SUPER 8. "Sometime in March, I think.... was his response and it looks as though he was not bullshitting us.

As it turns out, the SUPER 8 Super Bowl commercial has been updated online regularly since its debut with flashes of new images in the flickering camera towards the end of the spot. A few enterprising SUPER 8 fans took notice, compiled all the images and pasted them together using Photoshop:

There doesn't appear to be much to make sense of at this early point but in one frame in particular (bottom pic in the 2nd row) there is a date: "03/11/11" which happens to be the date that BATTLE: LOS ANGELES hits theaters.

It's looking very likely at this point that the full trailer that Abrams was hinting at will run with prints of BATTLE: LOS ANGELES and may launch a new level of the viral fun.

To run through what's been happening with the SUPER 8 viral campaign so far and for a larger version of the image above, head to Super8news.com.

Source: Super 8 News



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