Isla Fisher wants to Kiss and Tell

My second favorite redhead in Hollywood (after Amy Adams of course) has just landed a new starring role a "high-concept" romantic comedy called KISS AND TELL. I'm slowly learning that “high-concept” means “super-powers” in the comedy genre, like the high-concept INVENTION OF LYING where Ricky Gervais lives in a world where only he can lie.

So what’s the superpower here? Fisher will have the ability to see the entire future of a relationship with a guy after their first kiss. Um, hmm.

I don’t mean to shit on the parade here, but if I saw a future where some guy cheats on me with his ugly secretary, I would probably walk away right there, thus negating said future and making this concept go all MINORITY REPORT. Is it really the future if it never happens?

I also would expect this plot to be Fisher just running around kissing everyone she sees, hopefully finding some future vision of her wearing a wedding dress and then being buried in matching caskets 50 years later. But what do I know, this is too high of a concept for me I guess.

Extra Tidbit: I'm starting to think "high-concept" means "a concept someone came up with when they were high."



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