Isla gets two

Isla Fisher recently locked down two new rom-com projects, in her effort to become the new Reese Witherspoon. First up is LIFE COACH, which follows a young woman who turns to a life coach for guidance, only to find out her mentor is absolutely insane. I'm guessing Fisher is the young woman, so I would suggest Jane Lynch for the crazy life coach.

The second film is based on a French script (not movie) titled UN JOUR MES PRINCES VIEDRONT (ONE DAY MY PRICES WILL COME). The studio refuses to share what the plot of that one is, but I predict it will feature Ms. Fisher being stressed out when multiple gorgeous guys start showing up in her life, and she has to choose between Bradley Cooper, Matthew McConaughey and Hugh Grant.

I've liked Fisher a lot in everything I’ve seen her in (I skipped SHOPOHOLIC however), but hopefully she won’t feel the need to confine herself to rom-coms forever, and someday move into edgier stuff, following in the footsteps of her husband, Sasha Baron Cohen. But until then, she still can keep being my favorite redheaded actress other than Amy Adams.

Extra Tidbit: Fact: I have never spelled "McConaughey” right on the first try.
Source: Variety



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