It's Iron Man, baby!

Iron Man Direct those pretty little eyes to the right and you'll notice a first look at the titular hero in the Jon Favreau-directed IRON MAN. Before there's fanboy uproar over the suit's decidedly rustic and monotone appearance, however, let's remember that first of all, this is a battle suit so of course it's gonna look worn and battered and second of all, Tony Stark aka Iron Man went through several incarnations before he settled into the slick, modern-day, red power suit. The fact that they've taken the time to show a likely abbreviated evolution of the suit means they care at least a little bit about the source material. Either way, that's one slick looking throwback/homage to Iron Man's original suit. Get the pic in high res courtesy of the lucky bastids at IGN HERE. IRON MAN is scheduled for release May 2nd, 2008.

Extra Tidbit: In Marvel Zombies, Tony Stark becomes a superpowered zombie by eating part of the Silver Surfer.
Source: IGN



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