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It's Johnny Depp the chameleon in this character poster for Rango


Gore Verbinski has been teasing his first animated feature, RANGO.

The first glimpse we got into the movie was a video of a giant wind-up goldfish crossing the road. Insert obvious joke here.

On top of that there was a very short plot synopsis, "The story of a chameleon with an identity crisis".

Well now the chameleon, whom is also the movies title character is being unveiled in this character poster. Immediately I think that Rango is the chameleon version of Hunter S. Thompson doing some FEAR AND LOATHING...You've got a desert background, odd ball face, Hawaiian shirt, and the voice of Johnny Depp. Maybe it's a silly comparison, but I'm still amused.

Check out the poster below and click to see the chameleon in hi-res.

Extra Tidbit: The website is interactive fun. I kept mousing over the guitar strings and poking at what seemed to be a rock.
Source: JoBlo



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