It's just Plane Dead

Major studios are always trying to replicate B-movies... but with A-list actors and loads of cash behind them, they sort of miss the point. Fortunately some filmmakers are still doing it the old-fashioned way: high concept and low budget.

I just can’t get enough of reanimated corpses noshing on people-flesh, but really, wouldn't they be deadlier (and more entertaining) if they were flying through the air at several hundred miles per hour? That's the idea behind PLANE DEAD, a horror cheapie that's been in the works since well before Sam Jackson flew the slithering skies... and it actually looks like far better schlock than the self-aware SNAKES ON A PLANE turned out to be.

The meal options on this flight include familiar character actors like Raymond Barry, Richard Tyson, Kevin J. O'Connor, Erick Avari and some hot stewardesses. This supercheese-infected jet will no doubt make an emergency landing soon at your local DVD store, but for now you can check out the coach class trailer RIGHT HERE. Let the undead renaissance continue!
Extra Tidbit: Other zombie movies shambling toward theaters this year include 28 WEEKS LATER, FIDO, BLACK SHEEP, and Rob.
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