It's official: Tom Cruise back for MI:4

After a few months worth of negotiations, Paramount was able to get Tom Cruise to sign on the line that is dotted. The actor will return to star in MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE 4, which he will co-produce with JJ Abrams. Abrams, who directed the last MISSION film, will not step behind the camera again but the search is already on for a director who's ready to take on the challenge.

Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec, who were hired to write a draft back in August, are still working on the script and whatever they have concocted, it was enough to garner the interest of Cruise, who can be a tough guy to nail down when it comes to movies. Deadline is reporting that despite rumors to the contrary, MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE 4 won't team Ethan Hunt up with a younger agent or make him some kind of Mr. Miyagi to a new IMF team.

Paramount expects M:I4 to be Cruise's next film with a Memorial Day, 2011 release date planned. Filming is expected to begin this summer. Cruise can be seen next in another action/spy flick KNIGHT & DAY this summer.

Extra Tidbit: Applebaum and Nemec previously worked on the TV series "October Road."
Source: Deadline



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