It's officially official: Chris Evans is Captain America!

Last Friday it was reported that Chris Evans was the first actor to receive an offer sheet from Marvel to star in CAPTAIN AMERICA. Evans took the weekend to mull it over and today decided he liked the idea of carrying around the starred shield and has accepted the offer and the role. Yes, CHRIS EVANS IS CAPTAIN AMERICA.

I'm sure we'll get more details about what Evans' contract entails but the original offer from Marvel was said to include an option for a whopping nine films include, obviously, the CAPTAIN AMERICA movies, the AVENGERS saga plus possible appearances in other superhero films. The money was reportedly not much but that's for the first film. Evans, like Robert Downey, Jr., could renegotiate after a successful first outing for more cash.

So what do you think of the casting? I don't know that he's the perfect choice but honestly he's the best choice out of all the candidates I've heard for the gig. The guy was the only good thing about FANTASTIC FOUR and I've heard he delivers an awesome turn in SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD. I'm actually kinda excited to see what he can bring to the role.

Extra Tidbit: Can we just skip the standalone films and get right to THE AVENGERS?
Source: THR



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