iTunes rentals launch

Today at the MacWorld keynote address, Apple head honcho and turtleneck aficionado Steve Jobs announced the launch of the iTunes Movie Rental store. The store will be available today - well, should be available today. Upon launching iTunes and attempting to update my iTunes software, I was told my 7.5 is the latest version. But there is no movie rentaling. Rest assured that minor glitch will be fixed shortly after Jobs rips the still-beating heart out of an iTunes employee TEMPLE OF DOOM style. But you're looking for details aren't you? Well all the major movie studios are on board, which means you'll be getting the latest and greatest from Disney (obvs), Fox, Universal, Paramount/DreamWorks, Sony/Columbia, Warner Bros. New Line, Lionsgate and MGM. But what about pricing structures? For a new release like, say, RATATOUILLE, you'll be coughing up $3.99. For an older release like, say, BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA, you'd be out $2.99 (BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA may not be available on iTunes). You can upgrade to an HD version of a movie (when available) for an extra buck. Gadget blog Gizmodo has a nice roundup of all the news from the MacWorld expo, so you should check it out. Then go see if you can get your iTunes to update...

Extra Tidbit: iPod ready versions of movies will also be included on upcoming copies of Fox DVDs.
Source: Gizmodo



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