Jack Black a witch?

Jack Black hasn't had an easy year-and-a-half. It started with the disappointing reviews of KING KONG, many of which commented on Black's portrayal of Carl Denham. Then came NACHO LIBRE, which despite making $80 million, was completely devoid of laughs. THE HOLIDAY and TENACIOUS D came next and while they may have had their fans, both disappointed at the box-office. But Jack's not gonna sit around grumping like someone shit in his cereal. Nope, he's got another comedy in the works with OLD SCHOOL director Todd Phillips. Black will star in MAN-WITCH in which he'll star as a teacher who finds he has witch-like powers and is sent to a school for witches...populated by teenage girls. Though Black had a rough patch, he's got an impressive roster of pics on the way including MARGOT AT THE WEDDING with Nicole Kidman, BE KIND REWIND for Michel Gondry, the Judd Apatow comedy YEAR ONE and Ben Stiller's TROPIC THUNDER. Whew. The script for MAN-WITCH is currently being developed so production could be a ways off.

Extra Tidbit: Black trained under Tim Robbins in Los Angeles.
Source: Variety



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