Jack Black Travels

Jack Black has signed on to star in an upcoming Fox adaptation of the classic Jonathan Swift novel GULLIVER'S TRAVELS. The film will mark the live-action directing debut of Rob Letterman who previously worked with Black on the DreamWorks animated film SHARK TALE. While Fox has been developing the film, they've been trying to keep a low profile as GULLIVER is in the public domain and they didn't want anyone beating them to the punch. As soon as Black signed on the dotted line, Fox gave the film a greenlight and set a March shooting date. With Black and writer Nicholas Stoller (FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL), you can expect a slightly more comedic twist on the classic tale of a travel writer who finds himself washed ashore on a island full of tiny people. It's unclear at this time whether the project will be a period film or modern day. Black has been keeping quiet since wrapping filming on YEAR ONE and GULLIVER would be his next starring project. He's also in talks to return for sequels to SCHOOL OF ROCK and KUNG FU PANDA. Letterman is currently finishing up work on his current directing assignment MONSTERS VS. ALIENS.

Extra Tidbit: "Gulliver" was first published in 1726.
Source: Variety



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