Jack Ryan gets writer

Paramount is moving ahead on a new Jack Ryan film, the first since 2002's Ben Affleck entry THE SUM OF ALL FEARS. Hossein Amini (THE FOUR FEATHERS) has been hired to write a new Jack Ryan movie not based on any existing work. As is all the rage in Hollywood now, this Ryan film will star a younger actor and will serve as an origin story (think "Without Remorse" but written by a different guy). Sam Raimi had been attached to direct the next Jack Ryan movie but left the production to work on DRAG ME TO HELL and eventually SPIDER-MAN 4. Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck each played Ryan in the four produced movies based on Clancy's work. There had been rumors that Ryan Gosling and James Franco were in talks to take over the role but I'd imagine at this point, they're starting over fresh. Paramount hopes a new Ryan film could launch a new BOURNE-esque franchise. One day someone will come to their senses and make the "famous spy BATTLE ROYALE" movie I've been talking about where James Bond, Jason Bourne, Jack Ryan and Ethan Hunt all have to fight each other for survival. "Four spies enter. One spy leaves..."

Extra Tidbit: Jack Ryan author/creator Tom Clancy is part-owner of the Baltimore Orioles.
Source: THR



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