Jack Ryan returns!

After taking some time off since SUM OF ALL FEARS, variably aged CIA analyst Jack Ryan is finally ready to return. And he comes back to screens courtesy of... Sam Raimi?

Yep, the guy who spent two decades physically abusing Bruce Campbell and Peter Parker is heading up the Ryan revival for Paramount. The studio plans for Raimi to develop and direct a new series of flicks involving a younger Ryan at a "formative point in his career" (which I thought Ben Affleck already did, but hey). Creator Tom Clancy is working on a new novel featuring the character, but the studio will likely come up with an original story, and wants the first new flick in theaters for summer 2010 (which is when Jupiter becomes our second sun - RIP, Arthur C. Clarke).

Sam seems to be enjoying his post-SPIDEY freedom by collecting other projects -- he's gearing up his horror return DRAG ME TO HELL, just acquired the graphic novel MONSTER ZOO for adaptation, is prepping a reality series called 13, and has another dozen or so optioned properties or producing projects. Looks like you're on your own, wall-crawler!
Extra Tidbit: In Clancy's books, Ryan has apparently already become President and since retired.
Source: Variety



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