Jackass 2.5 coming

Sure, JACKASS is never gonna win an Oscar (not until they create the Academy Award for Best Acting While Set On Fire And Riding A Moped With a Midget On Your Head, anyway) but I'm not ashamed to say that I take great pleasure in watching the antics of Mr Knoxville and his pals. Apparently, the guy has told selected press recently, that “There’s some stuff I’m still wanting to shoot, and we might shoot in November. It’s not for a three, it’s just because it’s something I really want to do, and I said I was gonna do it, and then I could not not do it.” Recently, Bam Margera told Howard Stern that he'd spent the past couple of weeks filming too.

Knoxville is a machine if he's telling the truth and filming it just because it's something he 'really wants to do'. Anyway, Slashfilm seems to have scored themselves a little footage from the set of JACKASS 2.5, being shot covertly in Los Angeles. Click HERE to go check that shit out.
Extra Tidbit: Knoxville was knocked unconscious 3 times during the filming of the first JACKASS movie.
Source: /Film



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