Jackman does Oscars!

It seemed like the lack of any kind of Oscar buzz for AUSTRALIA was going to keep Hugh Jackman off the Academy Award stage this year but the fiesty Aussie had a backup plan. He might not get nominated for an Oscar so he's just gonna have to host the damn show instead. Take that Oscar voters. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scientists announced today that Jackman will host the 81st Academy Awards this February. While the Academy wasn't talking specifics about what to expect out of Hugh, don't expect any big stand-up routine a la Steve Martin or Billy Crystal. A quote-unquote insider told Deadline Hollywood that "[Hugh] didn't work the last 20 years to suddenly be a stand-up comedian." Uhh, so what's he gonna do? He's a funny guy, why not allow him to tell a few jokes? It would seem to be a profound lack of his talent to just get him up there to go "to present our next award we have..." Given Jackman's Broadway past and his experience hosting the Tony's, you can expect singing, dancing and, ahem, a gay old time. It's a great choice but here's hoping the producers allow Hugh to liven up the show...

Extra Tidbit: Jackman's son is named...Oscar.
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