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Jackman talks Wolvie 2


As we've heard by now, Hugh Jackman's animalistic adamantium-laced mutant may be returning for another WOLVERINE sequel, finally bringing the acclaimed Japan storyline to life.

Responding to a rather gauche query by interviewer Katie Couric, Jackman briefly talks about how he fell in love with the Japan story way back while initially researching the character. He mentions that he won't officially unsheathe the claws for the movie unless he's happy with the script, which is currently being written by Oscar winner Christopher McQuarrie (THE USUAL SUSPECTS). Although that does imply he was content with the first prequel's script.

The famed 1982 Chris Claremont/Frank Miller comic miniseries (which helped popularize the character) paints Logan as a modern masterless samurai in Japan, where he attempts to win the heart of Mariko Yashida but winds up clashing with her father and a whole clan of ninjas.

Extra Tidbit: Check earlier in the interview to see Jackman address the much-publicized "cell phone incident".
Source: CBS News



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