Jackson at The Con

Peter Jackson It may seem strange but Peter Jackson has never made an appearance at geek mecca Comic Con but this year he'll finally make the pilgrimage to support the sci fi mockumentary he produced DISTRICT 9 that his pal Neill Blomkamp directed. Of course, considering he's in the throes of a little movie about a hairy-footed hobbit, it's likely he might have some surprises in store for the assembled crowd as well. As for his thoughts on The Con, he had this to say, "After all these years, I’m thrilled that I finally have the opportunity to visit San Diego for Comic-Con. I am especially excited that I am attending to support District 9. Neill is a tremendously talented young director and he’s made an extraordinary film, so it was important to me to come to San Diego to spread the word. I look forward to attending my first ever Comic-Con and I know that those who visit us on July 24th in Hall H will be in for quite a ride." Right on, brother.

Extra Tidbit: Jackson is apparently a big "Doctor Who" fan.
Source: Sony



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