Jackson in the Cradle

What if Samuel L. Jackson starred in THE PACIFIER? It's a notion I'd honestly rather not contemplate, but the description of his latest project leaves me little choice.

Jackson will star in New Line's THE MAN THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE, playing a live-in nanny described as "a reputed kid whisperer from the South," whatever the hell that means. He's hired to care for the four young offspring of an overworked husband, which no doubt leads to various hijinks and forced humor about bodily fluids. (I am operating under the assumption it's intended as a comedy, since the story comes from the guy who made the Ryan Reynolds restaurant flick WAITING.)

I love Jackson, but sometimes he seems to use the Christopher Walken method of script selection ("Pay me and we're cool"). At least he mixes in potentially great stuff like THE SPIRIT and IRON MAN with unmitigated garbage like XXX2 and THE MAN... He'll next be seen hunting his former fellow Jedi Hayden Christensen in JUMPER.
Extra Tidbit: The upcoming thriller CLEANER marks the third time Jackson has worked with director Renny Harlin. Third time's a charm, or three strikes?
Source: Variety



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