Jackson joins SWAT

The action film SWAT has seen its share of stars with everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Paul Walker eyeing the lead.  It didn't help that studio execs weren't sure whether they wanted an A-list action star to topline or a younger, ensemble cast.  But now a decision has finally been made and the project is moving ahead swiftly.  Samuel L. Jackson will star as the head of the LAPD SWAT team in the film, which was scripted by David Ayer (TRAINING DAY).  In the film, Jackson and his men arrest and capture a notorious drug kingpin.  As they begin the transport to   federal custody, the man publically offers $100 million to anyone who can free him.   Despite Sony's hope this will be a tentpole summer action flick, they are willing to take a chance on a rookie director.  Clark Johnson, who received notice as a star of TV's "Homicide," grabbed the attention of execs with his work directing episodes of FX's "The Shield" and is currently negotiation to make this his feature film debut.  Filming is scheduled to begin later this year.

Sam "The Man" Jackson
"This party's over."

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