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Jackson's Engines


The newspaper of the hometown of Peter Jackson’s Wingnut Films claims they’ve discovered what Jackson’s next film project will be, and no, the HALO movie isn’t coming back to life.

But it is a bit of sci-fi, as Jackson is reportedly looking to adapt Philip Reeve’s MORTAL ENGINES quadrilogy, which is a series of books that chronicles a post-apocalyptic steampunk future where cities fly around the earth and fight each other for fuel.

It’s unclear as of yet as to whether Jackson would direct or just produce, and though his rep declined comment, no denials were issued, as it’s well known that Jackson has had the option to these books for some time.

Sounds cool to me, I’m all for a little Steampunk mixed with some blockbuster fare. Still wish this was HALO instead though.

Extra Tidbit: So how exactly did THE LOVELY BONES go so wrong?
Source: Dominion Post



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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