Jaime joins a Tribe

Jaime King Delicious former Basin City strumpet Jaime King has, along with Ray Stevenson, Stephen Moyer, Robert Duvall and James Caan, joined the post-apocalyptic thriller THE TRIBES OF OCTOBER. Under director Philippe Martinez based on a script by Nick Vallelonga and Paul Sloan, the story takes place in a technology deficient New York that has been sequestered on all sides by an endless desert plagued by heat storms and in it, a detective (Stevenson) tries to stop a Mafia don attempting to eliminate the remnants of the NYPD, of which Duvall is the head. Moyer plays a fellow detective with King playing Stevenson's lost love. The film will start production soon in Michigan and will be shot all green screen, SIN CITY style, in order to create a unique universe. Martinez will preview seven minutes of CGI work at Cannes. King can next be seen in the drama THE PARDON and the romantic comedy WAITING FOR FOREVER.

Jaime King

Extra Tidbit: King is married to FANBOYS director Kyle Newman.
Source: THR



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