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Jaimie Alexander has had conversations with Warner Brothers; knows things about Batman vs. Superman


Recently we discovered that Warner Bros. were looking to cast a female role for BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. The rumor was that the role in question was that of Wonder Woman, but no one could say for sure.

In an interesting turn of events, an actress who has been vocal about wanting to play the Amazonian Princess has been having conversations with the studio.

Forbes contributor and Batman-On-Film admin Mark Hughes offered this up on his Twitter page:

Could Alexander be plotting a move from Marvel to DC? She's been mentioned quite frequently as the top choice to play Wonder Woman amongst fans on this site as well as many others. I wouldn't be surprised if we heard that she had actually locked down the role.

Alexander offered up another tidbit, but I think this was rather obvious:

What do you guys think? Would you accept Alexander as your Wonder Woman?



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