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Jake Gyllenhaal is a creepy job applicant in first teaser for Nightcrawler


There are some words that strike fear into any potential employer and one of them is Craigslist. In general, the bulletin board website carries with it an air of desperation that has not been helped by countless memes and Dateline specials. But, it also is a good place to virally market your film if you want to expound on that creepy factor. Case in point: the new teaser for Dan Gilroy's NIGHTCRAWLER.

NIGHTCRAWLER is billed as a thriller about a guy who gets involved in the world of underground freelance crime journalism. You wouldn't know that from this credit-less teaser that purports to be Jake Gyllenhaal's character's video resume. The video carried this comment.

My name is Louis Bloom. Iím looking for full-time employment. No job too big or too small. I have my own car and phone. Persistent, punctual, polite and hardworking. Will work nights. Please take a look at my video resume

While this gives no indication as to what NIGHTCRAWLER will actually be about, it is definitely intriguing. Gyllenhaal looks completely engulfed in this weird role. Gilroy, who most recently scripted THE BOURNE LEGACY, has edited this clip in a very unusual way which makes me want to see the film all the more. Hopefully a full trailer will be released soon featuring co-stars Renee Russo and Bill Paxton.

NIGHTCRAWLER hits theaters October 17, 2014.

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