Jake is Capt'n Marvel?

Jake Gyllenhaal Hunky, puppy-dog-eyed thesp Jake Gyllenhaal may finally fulfill the dream that has eluded him since Tobey Maguire defeated him in a bitterly contested cry-off to land the role of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man - that of portraying a sensitive superhero in a form-fitting outfit. According to today's Rush & Molloy (the "Side Dish" section), New Line is prepared to bury him in an avalanche of money to play Captain Marvel in their upcoming SHAZAM! adaptation (which, as you may recall, recently landed John August as screenwriter). They're apparently doing this because they're concerned Sam Raimi will be back directing a fourth SPIDER-MAN film and since Maguire's already said he's tired of webslinging and life-threatening love triangles, Raimi will be looking to Jakey G. as a replacement. How they plan on turning Jakey into Captain Marvel's thirteen year-old alter ego is anyone's guess. I guess that's just the magic of movies, baby!

Extra Tidbit: Get August's thoughts on the film and how he got the gig over on his official site.
Source: NY Daily News



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