Jake Sully gets laid out in first shot from Avatar's deleted scenes

Even though AVATAR was almost three hours long, there is a crap ton of footage that was cut from the film, and though I've written about eight articles on the deleted sex scene, one of the other missing moments was a bar brawl Jake Sully had back on earth.

The scene centers around Sully intervening when a man beats up a woman, but due to his wheelchair-bound status, the guy gets the best of him, and he’s on the ground in no time. You can read the scene, along with a bunch of the other deleted ones, here at io9

It’s going to kind of be a bummer that we won’t get to see all these deleted scenes in theaters, as all three times I saw the film it was in 3D IMAX. I really can’t say how the movie is going to stand-up on DVD, though effects like the emotion-capture should still come through loud and clear. Maybe it’s time to finally get that blu-ray player.

Extra Tidbit: I really want to see the "Jake gets drunk on firewater" scene.
Source: io9BUF



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