James Cameron directs Kathryn Bigelow? In a Bill Paxton music vid?

I know that headline can be a lot to digest but bear with me here... This is not a new piece of footage but a mid-80s music video that James Cameron director for new wave band Martini Ranch. One of the members of Martini was a young actor named Bill Paxton that Cameron just gave his big break to in TERMINATOR. And cast as the lead - a sexy Western gunslinger - in the video was THE HURT LOCKER director Kathryn Bigelow. This was reportedly before they got married so it's possible this was part of their courtship.

Also making cameos in this slightly-epic 7-plus-minute video are Cameron vets Lance Henricksen, Paul Reiser and Jennette Goldstein (all of whom would co-star with Paxton in Cameron's ALIENS). I don't think it was ever able to compete with mid-80s MTV mainstays like a-Ha's "Take on Me" but almost 25 years later, it's an interesting little time capsule. Check it out below!

Extra Tidbit: I'm glad Paxton stuck with acting.
Source: THR



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