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James Cameron oversees operations on the Avatar theme park in this new video



When James Cameron brought AVATAR to cinemas, it changed the game on live-action/CG integration and the use of 3D, for better and for worse. I don't think anyone would argue that the story was the weakest aspect but like it or not, a trio of sequels are still on their way. While we won't see AVATAR 2 until December 25 of 2017, the Avatar-themed area in Disney's Animal Kingdom opens earlier the same year. It's hard to argue with the sights of AVATAR and if you're wondering if Disney will be able to pull that off in theme park fashion, I think this short video will answer that question.

I enjoyed the movie for what it was, and truth be told, I'm probably more excited to check out this theme park than I am any sequels. James Cameron knows his tech stuff and I'm sure if there's something he doesn't sign off on, the Disney Imagineers will work on it until he does. Themed areas took a HUGE leap forward when Universal Orlando opened The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (especially with Diagon Alley), so I'm hoping Disney can up the ante with their Avatar area.

Pandora is expected to open at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom in early 2017.

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