James Cameron wants to help stop that gigantic oil spill

Filmmaker/gill-man James Cameron has spent countless hours underwater, and developed the tech to do so. Does he have a better handle on how to take care of the Gulf oil leak/disaster than the people who are purportedly fixing the problem? Judging by their rate of success resolving the matter, possibly.

The environmentally conscious creator of other worlds wants to assist in rescuing this one before heading into deep space for more Unobtainium and romping with blue bipeds (or just going to Mars). Cameron is in Washington meeting with deep-ocean experts to brainstorm on how to contain the growing problem.

He's joined by Canadian ocean innovator Phil Nuytten, who built the special submersibles Cameron used in THE ABYSS. Cameron has since returned underwater with updated and improved ocean tech for TITANIC and the documentaries EXPEDITION: BISMARCK, GHOSTS OF THE ABYSS and ALIENS OF THE DEEP. And AQUAMAN, of course. So he's probably logged more time below the surface than BP's entire staff.

Between this and Kevin Costner's working WATERWORLD solution, maybe we ought to put more famous people in a room to spitball some ideas...

Extra Tidbit: Like him or not, at least Cameron isn't just going on TV and throwing around complaints and blame...
Source: Globe and Mail



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