James Cameron warned Guillermo del Toro about directing The Hobbit

James Cameron tried to tell you...

The Herald-Sun (via Digital Spy) is reporting that James Cameron forewarned Guillermo del Toro of the impending doom that was helming THE HOBBIT.

Cameron said this, "I was telling [Guillermo] for a long time to get out of that thing because there is only room for one captain on the ship." Then his psychic abilities kicked in, "Instinctively I knew that Peter [Jackson] was going to take over and do the movie. Guillermo, to his credit, didn't listen to me and wanted to do continue and had some great designs - and I have seen all the designs."

Currently working with del Toro on AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS, Cameron just feels like his new partner wasn't as fitting for the job as Jackson. "Of course [Guillermo] would have done a spectacular job, but don't we want to see Peter do it? He should do it and Guillermo should do his thing. That's what I told both of them - you should just stay in your corners." I like how he sounds like a parent here. "Just stay in your corners..."

I can see where he's coming from, but at the same time I'm sort of like, "Why are you talking about this now?" What do you guys think? Useless info? Or a wise piece of advice?

Extra Tidbit: I'm still rejoicing over del Toro directing AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS.



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