James Cameron will get his ass to Mars

No, James Cameron isn't remaking TOTAL RECALL. Or GHOSTS OF MARS. Or SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS. Nor is he finally tackling his once-planned update of FORBIDDEN PLANET, or working Mars into AVATAR 2.

However, Cameron does have interest in the actual planet of Mars. Not so much that he's going to trot around the surface of the red orb (yet!), but the next best thing: he's talked NASA into installing a 3D camera system on the rover Curiosity, scheduled for Mars mission in May on its quest for three-breasted hookers.

"It's a very ambitious mission," Cameron said in the Pasadena Star-News. "It's a very exciting mission. (The scientists are) going to answer a lot of really important questions about the previous and potential future habitability of Mars."

While Cameron is off to Pandora again for an AVATAR sequel, the Mars footage could theoretically be used in a future documentary from the space-faring filmmaker.

The solar-powered Mars rover Spirit, launched in 2004 on a planned 92-day mission, is still functioning on the planet's surface after 2,307 days -- over 24 times longer than originally expected. It's probably pretty pissed it hasn't been extracted by now. Beware, Curiosity!

Extra Tidbit: Since we're talking about Mars, how about a RED FACTION: GUERRILLA movie?



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