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James Franco stars in six new 127 Hours clips!


127 HOURS is one film I just can't wait to see. Our own Chris Bumbray saw the film at the Toronto Film Festival and said it was "another triumph" for director Danny Boyle and said in no uncertain terms, "(James) Franco is going to get nominated for an Oscar."

A lot of the footage we've seen in the trailers has been pre-accident but in this new clip, titled "Wow," we see Franco alone, his arm pinned underneath a giant rock and reminiscing to happier days. It's tragic and heartwarming all at the same time. In addition to that clip we've got five new clips from the film all at JoBlo Video.

127 HOURS opens in limited release this Friday and I know I'll be there. Check out aforementioned clip from the film below or click here to see all the 127 HOURS clips at JoBlo Video.

Source: JoBlo.com



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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