James to Keep Zoo

With the overwhelming success of PAUL BLART: MALL COP, we can expect to see a lot more Kevin James vehicles in the near future. This is excellent news for Kevin James fans, and not so excellent news for non-Kevin James fans--A.K.A me. He doesn't strike me as the most talented mofo out there, and definitely not the funniest, but he is pudgy and less than average looking, which is a lot better than morbidly obese and butt ugly, so I guess I see the appeal.

This new film will see James play another man in uniform, who works at another venue frequented by families and children. See a pattern anyone? This time around he'll be playing a zookeeper in a film to be called--you guessed it THE ZOOKEEPER (why don't they just add a "Baul Plart:" while they're at it). In it, James will play a lonely zookeeper who decides to leave his job because he can't meet a girl, leading to an intervention by the zoo's animals. Oh boy. The film is being produced by the same dudes who brought us MALL COP as they look to further cash in on their new wonderboy. Just please, please don't make the animals have voices...please.
Extra Tidbit: How many times do you think James will get smacked in the nuts?
Source: Variety



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