Jamie Foxx and Ashton Kutcher to make buddy-cop movie Streets on Fire

What with COP OUT coming out this weekend (to abysmal reviews it seems), it's only appropriate to report on a new buddy cop action-comedy: STREETS ON FIRE

Starring the unlikely duo of Jamie Foxx and Ashton Kutcher (reuniting again after being seen in VALENTINE'S DAY), STREETS ON FIRE is actually based off one of 2009's Black List scripts from writer Justin Britt-Gibson, a 27-year-old freelance journalist and screenwriter who, according to Pajiba, once wrote a really interesting piece on race relations for the Washington Post.

Despite those positives, the story sounds about as formulaic as they get. Per Pajiba: "It's about a straight arrow Chicago cop with anger issues (Foxx) who teams up with a brash and cocky one (Kutcher), and the two 'become anything other than friends.' They stumble into a gang of killers intercepting the city's drugs, and reluctantly agree to work together on the case... [The original story over at Pajiba continues with something that I'd say is a spoiler, so I'm taking it out. Head over there to read it if that doesn't bother you.]"

So what do you guys think of this pairing? Pretty WTF to me, but the script coming from the Black List does make this somewhat interesting. But alas, I guess it's gonna come down to what lovely female they end up casting to really garner my interest.
Extra Tidbit: The aforementioned Washington Post piece written by Justin Britt-Gibson can be read RIGHT HERE.
Source: Pajiba



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