Jamie Foxx joins Willis in Kane and Lynch

Back in 2008 it was announced that Bruce Willis had signed on to star in KANE & LYNCH, the Lionsgate adaptation of the popular video game. The search for his co-star continued for the next two years until it was just announced yesterday that Jamie Foxx will play Lynch to Willis' Kane. How exactly did it get announced? In that way that likely drives execs, producers and publicists insane: Twitter.

Writer Kyle Ward took to Twitter yesterday and posted "Done deal... Jamie Foxx is in" before obviously getting an earful from his bosses and deleting the posts from his feed. Trouble with Twitter is obviously once you post it, people can RT it and then the news is all but out there. Twitter isn't exactly rock solid proof but today there's been confirmation that Foxx is indeed in and production is scheduled to begin this August.

Newcomer Simon Crane is directing the film with Bruce's brother David producing. If you're unfamiliar, the story follows a mercenary and a psychopath who are forced to team up to shoot things, blow stuff up and save the day. Normally a plot that wouldn't be much special but something about the casting of Willis and Foxx has me hooked...

Extra Tidbit: I would not have wanted to be Kyle Ward yesterday.
Source: Deadline



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