Jane premiering Hell

Long Beach Comic-Con is in for a real treat, Thomas Jane is premiering GIVE EM' HELL MALONE there.

I mentioned on the strikebacks in a previous article, that I had seen MALONE at Con instead of the director's cut of WATCHMEN. I do not regret this decision as I was witness to how wild Thomas Jane really is. While we were watching the screening Jane was running around barefoot throughout the crowd squatting in certain places every 15 minutes. Then after it was over he sort of took over the panel, sat on top of the panel table Indian style still barefoot, and played around with a cigar cutter. He did all this while asking for our serious input on the movie because he wanted to get it all just right. Jane knew the film needed some serious tweaking, and it really did. Aside from the things that needed fixing, the film was pretty good.

In addition to the premiere, Jane will be accompanied by his RAW Entertainment partner, Tim Bradstreet to promote newly acquired comics "Bad Planet" and "Alien Pig Farm". The stories are just as strange as the comic titles make them sound, basically a lot of alien spiders and aliens who eat pigs. I will have to check out the one with alien eating pigs because...well, it's pretty obvious why.

If they've fixed everything that the first screening was lacking, then it should be a fun watch for Jane fans, and maybe those of you who aren't.

Extra Tidbit: That was one of the pictures we took of Jane at the screening. Oh, and in case you never read it, HERE'S A LINK to the rest of the JoBlo.com gang "meeting" Jane at the Con back in 2007...
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