Jane's Dark Country

Quiet Earth have gotten their hands on the first official stills from Thomas Jane's upcoming directorial effort, THE DARK COUNTRY. The film will be the first ever 3D Film Noir and it stars Ron Perlman and Lauren German. In the film, a couple on the way to their honeymoon are forced to deal with a dead body out in the desert. Reportedly, there will be a heavy supernatural slant to it too.

This project sounds pretty sweet, given that it is Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman, Film Noir, and it is in 3D. But I would add a warning that often things are often too good to be true. For example when Natalie Portman asked me out, she only saw my roguish good looks and my devil-may-care charisma. She didn't realize that she would lose herself in me, and that one night would never, ever be enough.

Extra Tidbit: Because of working on this movie, you'll never guess which role he had to turn down... A certain Mr. Blake...
Source: QuietEarth



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